UNIT 1: Business and the Environment

a) The need for and nature of business activity AS
b) Business and economic structure AS  A2
c) Size of business AS  A2
d) Business strategy AS  A2
e) Stakeholders AS
f) Corporate culture and strategy AS
g) Question & Answers AS
Unit 1 Work Scheme

UNIT 2: Marketing

a) The nature and definition of the market and the role of marketing AS
b) Market research AS  A2
c) Demand concepts AS  A2
d) Product portfolio analysis A2
e) Marketing mix and marketing strategy
Unit 2 Work Scheme

UNIT 3: People in Organisations

a) The need for and nature of organisational structure AS
b) Motivation, leadership and management AS
c) Business Communication ASd) Human Resource Management AS
e) A2 Complete
Unit 3 Work Scheme

UNIT 4: Operations Management

a) Nature of production ASb) Organising production AS  AS  A2
c) Operational efficiency ASd) Quality control and assurance AS
e) Production planning A2
f) A2 Complete
Unit 4 Work Scheme

UNIT 5: Business Finance

a) The need for business finance A2b) Sources of capital A2
c) Money and Capital market institutions
d) AS Complete
Unit 5 Work Scheme

UNIT 6: Business Accounting

a) The need for business accounts AS
b) The foundations of accounting (not a core item)
c) What the published accounts contain A2d) Analysis of published accounts AS
e) Investment appraisal AS
f) Managing cash flows AS
g) Budgets and budgeting A2
Unit 6 Work Scheme

UNIT 7: Information for Decision Making

a) Sources and reliability of information
b) Collection of information
c) Presentation of information
d) Data analysis and evaluation  A2  A2
e) AS Complete
Unit 7 Work Scheme

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