Unit 1: How Markets Work : A Level Economics

Topic 1 of the A Level Economics Syllabus. Completely according to the A Level Syllabus. Free! .Positive and normative thinking, Opportunity cost, The production frontier or  production possibility curve, Specialisation and foreign trade. Demand and supply:  An introduction, The elasticity of demand, The elasticity of supply, Demand and supply: Applications to any market are possible, […]

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Unit 2: Why Markets Fail : A Level Economics

Unit 2 of AS/A Level Economics Syllabus absolutely free and downloadable notes. Market failure, it’s causes, problems and consequences. Perfect competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic competition and oligopoly. Unit 1 can be downloaded Here. The Password to open the File is: “68gfDgfgfFjDSHhF”

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Comparison Of Economic Systems- by Imran Latif

Click here To Download Total 1 Page(s) ECONOMIC SYSTEMS FEATURES MARKET ECONOMY COMMAND ECONOMY MIXED ECONOMY Ownership of property : Private ownership Government  ownership Private + Public (govt.) ownership Motive or objective: Profit maximization Collective welfare social Private Sector   Profit maximsation Public Sector    Collective Welfare Allocative mechanism: Price mechanism ( demand and supply) Rationing mechanism […]

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